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Don Schufro has tested positive

Several circumstances have indicated that Blue Hors Don Schufro may be a carrier of the WFFS gene. To settle the matter, he has been tested and the test has come out positive

As the first stallion station in Europe Blue Hors tested all their active breeding stallions for WFFS (Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome) in May 2018 in order to officially announce the status of each stallion.


As the 25-year old Blue Hors Don Schufro no longer is collected for fresh semen he was not among the 10 active stallions that were tested. In the meantime, several horses closely related to Don Schufro appeared to be carriers of the WFFS gene, and consequently circumstances indicated that he may be a carrier himself.


– We support openness and transparency and have accordingly chosen to have Don Schufro tested. It turned out – almost as expected – that he tested positive, says Esben Møller.


The genetic disorder WFFS (Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome) has existed in warmblood horses for many years, but only recently has the genetic coding been charted, and a single case of a stillborn foal in the USA last spring created quite a stir in warmblood circles around the world.


Fortunately, the first fright is over. No horse is sick from WFFS; there are only healthy carriers of the gene. However, if you mate two WFFS carriers there is a 25% risk of a stillborn or weak foal that will consequently die, but this only happens rarely as the foetus will often die at an early state.


– Our knowledge about the horses’ WFFS status is just an additional breeding tool which has become available and which enables the breeders to avoid mating of two carrier individuals. Therefore, we recommend the breeders to have their mares tested prior to the breeding season, Esben Møller states.