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Exciting coorperation with Swedish top stud

Blue Hors has got close and good business partners all around Europe, and has now made a very special coorperation together with one of the leading stallion stations, Lövsta stuteri, where the international top dressage rider Tinne Vilhelmson Silfvén is responsible for the education of the horses

Blue Hors likes to be part of a constructive coorperation with leading foreign stallion stations. And now with a very interesting new cooperation with one of the leading studs/stallion stations in Sweden, Lövsta stuteri , which will be new dealer for semen in Sweden from Blue Hors stallions. In that way the Swedish breeders will have much easier access to use the international top stallions from Blue Hors stud. 


Like Blue Hors, Lövsta Stuteri is a nice mix of breeding and sport, with stallion station combined with an international competition stable with focus on dressage, even though there are also jumping stallions at Lövsta stallion collection. 


I’m very proud to present our new partner Blue Hors. We have focus on the importance of high quality and would like to to able to offer stallions from different bloodlines, for different type of mares, tells manager of Lövsta stallion station Malin Cohlin. 


Lövsta Stuteri is owned by Antonia Ax:son Johnson, who is a big supporter for the Swedish dressage sport. The love for the horses has always been great, and is inherited through generations. The goal for Lövsta Stuteri are much the same as the visions for Blue Hors, both to create and educate quality horses for the sport. To offer some of, or if not the best bloodlines for the breeders, the two stallion stations will be able to stamp the positive development of the horses on both sides of Oresund. It is the international acknowledged Swedish top rider Tinne Vilhelmson Silfvén, who is responsible for the education of the horses at Lövsta, and she has among other participated at seven Olympic Games together with five World Championships and ten European Championships. 


It is important for us to have competent and quality conscious collaborators abroad, and exactly Lövsta Stuteri has huge focus on offering the breeders the best stallions. With Tinne Vilhelmson Silfvén as responsible for the education, there will also be emphasis on the best possibilities for the sport. We are looking very much forward to the collaboration and looking forward showing our stallions for the Swedish breeders in Helsingborg, says Esben Møller. 


The result of the new coorperation is made visible, when Blue Hors together with Lövsta Stuteri will have their first stallion show in Helsingborg, Sunday 31 March at 10:30.