Blue Hors Open House with Stallions Show 30'th of March 2019

Blue Hors Open House is held every year. A warm and welcoming day for all those interested in or curious about horses

The event takes place in the large exhibition hall. We present the year's stallion collection to the public, who will get the pleasure of seeing the stallions being ridden as well as led by hand, and some of the first offspring of our younger stallions born this year.

For those interested in show jumping, the public will also be able to see selected stallions and offspring from Stutteri Ask

Each year we award a breeders prize for the breeders of the offspring of Blue Hors stallions, which have performed especially well. This can be given to stallions, medal fillies, championship winners, etc. In connection with this, a special Blue Hors prize will also be awarded to the Breeder of the Year.

After the showing, it will also be possible to visit the stalls and view our excellent facilities. Refreshments will also be available.

All in all, a pleasant day, where breeders and other interested parties can learn a little more about selecting the right stallion - or simply enjoy a great day out.