Information for riders

Blue Hors, Tørskindvej 70, 7183 Randbøl, DK

Competition numbers and rider's bracelets:
Remember to collect your rider’s bracelets at the show office.
The rider must take competition numbers along.

Show Office:
Opening hours daily: 1 hour before the first start until 1 hour after the last start
Astrid Risvig phone: +45 22 99 86 36
Lene Mikkelsen: phone +45 22 83 39 77
Starting lists and results lists, look here

Arrival at the show stable Wednesday from 1200 hour.
Stable plan – will be ready in the days before the show. Look at

Stable personal:
If you have any trouble concerning the stable please contact Martin Klavsen phone +45 40 11 45 08 or Ditte Pedersen phone +45 30 70 79 06.

Unloading - loading:
Unloading and loading is at the show stable. Detailed information here
The stable staff will be there to welcome you.

There is no parking for cars in the stable area. Parking at the stable area is only for trucks and horse trailers. All cars are kindly asked to park at the parking place opposite the main entrance. Follow the signs.

Shavings and straw/hay:
You can buy extra shavings and extra hay. For more info: look at the notice board in the stable area.

Warm up:
Warming up is in the riding hall (20x60m) in connection to the show arena.

Prize-giving ceremony:
Prize-giving ceremony takes place right after the end of the class. The number of athletes to present themselves for the prize-giving ceremony are 5.

Horse inspection:
Small Tour: Thursday 17th of Nov. 2016 at 1600 hour
Big Tour: Friday 18th of Nov. at 1600 hour
Remember to bring your horse passport

Farrier and vet.:
Treating veterinarian: Ms Lene Norman Vad, phone +45 21 41 31 42
Farrier: 17th -19th of Nov. until 1700 hour: Brian Møller, phone +45 40 29 30 19
19th of Nov from 1700 until 20th of Nov. 1700 hour: Gert Buchhave, phone +45 40 45 34 33
Chief Steward: Tine Bach phone: +45 23 31 95 42

Dogs are very welcome at the outdoor area, but only in line. Remember the bag. The dogs has no admittance to the riding halls.

Sound check:
Sound check for the CDI3* Grand Prix Free style will be Saturday evening right after the prize giving ceremony of the last class. Please hand over the music in the show office.

Familiarization hours in show arena:
Morning: Thursday until Saturday: 5:30 – 6:30, Sunday 6:00 until 6:30
Evening: Thursday until Friday: 1 hour, Saturday half an hour, all evenings right after the prize giving ceremony (Saturday after sound check)

Warm up and training:
Training arena (20 x 40 m): Please check information board for training times in the training arena (opposite the stable).
Warm-up arena (20 x 60 m): Training of CDI horses is only possible

  • During the published times (check information board)
  • If there is enough space (riders warming-up for competition have first priority)
  • When approved by a steward (please contact stewards when entering the warm-up arena or to prebook training-times)
No longing or leading horses in the warm-up-arena.