Blue Hors Dressage and Foal Championship

The Blue Hors Dressage and Foal Championship is a summer event for foals and 3 and 4-year-old dressage horses. It is open to the offspring of Blue Hors stallions only

The dressage championship consists of two rounds. 3 and 4 year-old horses are presented with riders in teams of two to three horses. The preliminary round on the Friday is judged by riders from Blue Hors, and the eight best combinations will move on to Saturday's final, which is judged by an external judge. The day's best 3 and 4year-old horses are then honoured, and there are prizes for the eight horses that have made it into the final.

The foal championship is judged by one Danish and one non-Danish judge. Foals are presented in teams, according to which stallion they have been bred from. The day's best fillies and colts are then named, with prizes for the best eight.

The event, which is held on the outdoor riding grounds, always attracts a lot of visitors. This includes overseas visitors, and foals can be acquired for foreign foal auctions. It is a pleasant day, where it is possible to see and compare the foals, and it is also usual here for a lot of foals to be bought and sold. After the finale on Saturday, Blue Hors provides dinner. A bouncy castle is available throughout the entire day for the youngest visitors. It is a delightful day with something to interest the entire family.

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