DVH 1178 | BROWN | 2011 | 169 CM

  • Sire of Danish Warmblood Mare of the Year 2018 “Grevens Fakina”.
  • Sire of 1st, 2nd, 4th, 6th, 7th and 8th placed at the 2018 Blue Hors Championships for 3-year-old dressage horses.
  • Five approved sons in Germany out of his first crop.
  • Very good 35-day test with 856.5 points.
  • Passing on his own qualities to his offspring.

In 2018, Farrell showed that he could become a breeding stallion who will deliver progeny that will make their mark in the future of both sports and breeding. His first crop of foals in particular showed Farrell’s qualities as a producer of riding horses at the Blue Hors dressage championship. The foals were of exceptional type with three extremely good gaits, all allowing themselves to be ridden by their rider. This meant that Farrell was sire to 6 out of the 8 final participants. Of these, both number 1 and 2 in the final were by him. The mare shows were also no exception. Grevens Fakina was awarded a gold medal for breeding and named “mare of the year 2018” in Danish Warmblood. In addition, 3 mares were awarded bronze medals for breeding.

In the fall of 2017 Farrell presented his first sons at the stallion-approvals. In Verden, Oldenburg and Münster-Handorf he was represented by 5 sons, who all got approved. All his 5 two year old daughters were selected for the final fo the National Eliteshow of the Danish Warmblood in Vilhelmsborg. All five were extremely uniform in type and thereby Farrell made a particularly positive impression.

Following a time-out with a fractured splint bone, Farrell was unfortunately unable to do a performance test in 2013, which meant that this outstanding stallion could not be fully licensed, much less have his 2015 breeding license renewed. At the 35-days performance test in the autumn of 2015, however, he gained a very solid 856.5 points, scoring, among others, 9 for the trot and 9.5 for rideability. The fact remains that the quality of his first crop of foals was sensational. Leggy, noble foals with great self-carriage and very good gaits. This means that there are no Farrell progeny from 2016. 2017 looks very exciting however, and we are looking forward to this very much. Farrell really puts a positive mark on his offspring and is suitable for a wide range of mares.

Faderen Fürstenball har gjort kometkarriere og nedarver sin type og ridelighed til sit afkom. Morfaderen Dacaprio er garant for særdeles flotte og ridelige dressurheste. Dacaprios datter FBW Dejavu, redet af Nadine Plaster, Tyskland, vandt det tyske bundeschampionat i 2004, vandt bronzemedalje ved UVM i 2005 og blev nr. 4 i 2006. Wolkenstein II er en af de bedste Weltmeyer-sønner gennem tiderne og er far til over 40 kårede hingste, mere end 70 statspræmiehopper. Wolkenstein II vandt selv bundeschampionatet i 1993.

Farrell's dam line also produced the licensed stallions Wandervogel, Derano and our former stallion Blue Hors Future Cup. Furthermore, Scara Boa, the World Champion of the 5-year-old dressage horses in 2013 and the international dressage horses Winyamaro and Tric Trac originate from this dam line.

WFFS Negative

Breeder: Hans-Heinrich Plate

Farrell is licensed in Danish Warmblood, Hannover, Oldenburg, and Swedish Warmblood.

Euro: 1.200 € + VAT.

FÜRSTENBALL Fürst Heinrich Florestan I Fidelio
Dawina Donnerhall
Maradonna Donnerhall Donnerwetter
Marella Classiker
Desert Rose DACAPRIO Davignon I Donnerhall
Carry Caprimond E. H.
Warina WOLKENSTEIN II Weltmeyer