DVH 1265 | DARK BROWN | B. 2014 | 171 CM

  • Premium stallion at the Danish Warmblood stallion licensing in 2017.
  • A fantastic young stallion with no weaknesses.
  • Crowd favourite at the Oldenburg Stallion Licensing in Vechta 2016.
  • Out of the most performance-strong Danish dam line which among others has given three Olympic participants.
  • From April 8 to July 31 stationed in Germany at Hengsthaltung Ludwig Kathmann, Holtrup.

Blue Hors Zackerey took the audience by storm at the Oldenburg Verband stallion licensing in Vechta in November 2016. This young stallion of rare quality became the audience’s number-one favourite with his unbeatable performance in every single presentation. Zackerey could not be selected as a prizewinner as he is registered with Danish Warmblood; nevertheless, it was he who made subsequent headlines, both on social media and in the written press. No grand introduction is necessary for his sire, Blue Hors. For a number of years he has sired numerous progeny that have done really well at licensing, championships, WCYH, etc. The most gratifying of all is that there are many horses among the first generations by him that are showing potential at competitions to become future Grand Prix horses in the higher dressage classes! His grand sire Sandro Hit was world champion for 6-year-old dressage horses in 1999. Since then he has produced his own line of stallions and sired 186 licensed stallions. The name Showtime FRH can be highlighted as a progeny in the sport. He was on the German gold team at the Olympics in Rio with his rider, Dorothee Schneider.

He was also the German titleholder in Grand Prix Kür and runner-up at the Grand Prix Special in 2016. Sandro Hit occupies third place on the 2016 WBFSH ranking for dressage stallions. The grand-dam of Zackerey, Padame e. Solos Carex is among others, the dam of Zackman M, who caused a sensation at the Süddeutsche Hengsttage in Munich in 2016. He was named premium stallion and subsequently sold at auction as the most expensive stallion for 200,000 Euro. Solos Carex e. Castro can certainly not be described as a blank page here in Denmark. He was a performance test winner and trained by Morten Thomsen before being sold to Tinne Vilhelmsson-Silvén, who enjoyed a fantastic career with him. World Cup participation in Jerez in 2002 and Aachen in 2006 were among the many highlights. A team bronze was earned in the European Championships in Turin in 2007 as well as an individual 12th place at the Olympics in Hong Kong in 2008. As a breeding stallion, Solos Carex has among others, produced his son Scandic, who has enjoyed many GP victories with his rider, Patrik Kittel. He is particularly well known for producing a large number of excellent mares that can now be seen in the pedigrees of many successful horses.

The dam line is probably the strongest performance line we have in Danish Warmblood. Licensed stallions include Waldsohn, Tailormade Zackzu and Zacman M. Sporting horses include Fiontini, WCYH winner in 2015 and 2016 and Fiontina, WCYH silver medallist in 2015. Grand Prix horses include Hagels Achat, Caldron, Caprino and Cartier, the latter two by Blue Hors Cavan plus three Olympic horses: Gay at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney (Morten Thomsen), Dorina e. Blue Hors Don Schufro at the London Olympics (Siril Heljesen) and Dublét at the 2016 Olympics in Rio (Kasey Perry-Glass).

Blue Hors Zackery was was licensed in Oldenburg and will be presented at the Danish Warmblood Stallion Licensing Show in Herning. He will also be presented at Hanover in the spring of 2017.
Blue Hors Zackerey will be stationed at Hengsthaltung Ludeig Kath Mann, Holtrup in Germany for the 2017 season (8/4 to 31/7). Mares for Zackerey will therefore be inseminated exclusively at Blue Hors and by veterinary surgeon Johnny N. Sorensen at Karenagaarden, Olstrup.

Breeder: Tove og Ove Møller Nørgaard

Blue Hors Zackery was was licensed in Oldenburg and Danish Warmblood. He will also be presented at Hanover in the spring of 2017.

Blue Hors Zackerey will be stationed at Hengsthaltung Ludeig Kath Mann, Holtrup in Germany for the 2017 season (8/4 to 31/7).

Euro: 1.000 € + VAT.

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